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Obituary for Samuel Young

Sammy was born on July 10,1938. He grew up in Harlem with his mother Viola Johnson, and siblings Muriel, Vivian, Herbert, and Val.

In 1957 Sammy joined the army and served a three-year term. On his return to civilian life he continued living in Harlem close to his family. Sammy worked as a bookkeeper until his retirement.

Sammy was kindhearted and somewhat a data machine. He loved having those provocative discussions about politics and society. He knew the family tree and kept up with all the family history.

Sammy was an avid stamp collector and loved to make/assemble unusual things – a dollhouse for his sister, a mammoth skeleton for his great nephew etc.

Sammy lived on his on his own terms. He travelled, partied, cooked gourmet meals, helped people and so much more.

Sammy’s memory will live on in his nephews, great nephews, great-grand niece, nieces in law, countless cousins of several generations, brother-in- law and many friends.